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David Thodey AO Chair of the APS Review
News, 19 March 2019

A trusted APS, united in serving all Australians.

Black and white image of Sir Robert Garran sitting at a desk writing
News, 27 June 2019

Robert Garran loved poetry and had a gift for languages. As a young lawyer in his mid-30s, he also drafted Australia’s constitution.   

As we shape the future of the service, this is a story of its foundations.

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News, 14 May 2019

We asked you to test the changes we’re suggesting for the Australian public service. Here’s a summary of what you told us.

News, 17 April 2019

As we finalise recommendations, our panel is not only considering the shape of individual changes, they are also thinking about how to influence lasting change.

News, 17 April 2019

With 30 years of public service, we asked panel member Dr Gordon de Brouwer to share his insights on Australia’s public service.

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