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Read some of the research and publications that pushed this review's thinking.

These may not reflect the panel's views but all offer important perspectives on public sector reform.


To support the review, the panel commissioned research papers from leading academics and practitioners through the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). These provide a rigorous and independent perspective on various aspects of public sector reform. The papers are published here with the aim of supporting and enriching public discussion and debate.

The topics of the papers reflect areas with a rich academic foundation, where the panel felt it was particularly important to hear different external perspectives.

The authors were supported by advice from expert reference panels comprised of prominent Australian and international academics and practitioners.

The papers represent the opinion of the authors. They do not represent official views of the APS review panel, its secretariat, individual expert reference panel members or ANZSOG.

March 2019

Investigates the strengths and weaknesses of the APS’ current approach to delivering local solutions to communities.

March 2019

A research report of how accountability mechanisms within the APS can be improved to ensure evidence-based policy making and advice to government.

March 2019

A research report that explores the importance of commissioning and contracting in achieving outcomes for the Australian public.

March 2019

A research report that considers whether the APS’ integrity framework is ‘fit for purpose’ for 2030 and beyond, in order to maintain broader public trust in the APS.

March 2019

A research report that assesses the current state of the APS’ relationship with Ministers and their offices.

March 2019

An appraisal of the way in which the APS partners with other jurisdictions, and Australia’s First Nations.

Other Resources

March 2019

In May 2018, the Australian Government commissioned us, as an independent panel, to review the APS to ensure it is fit-for-purpose for the coming decades. We were asked to set out an ambitious transformation program and to guide and drive future public sector reforms.

December 2018

We heard that people value the public service, want it to succeed and often refer to it's work with the people who are most in need of support.

October 2018

Commisioned by this review, we used 4 possible futures to explore the megatrends that could change the Australian public service.

The survey helped us identify the skill gaps we have now and shaped how we prepare the system for what's ahead.