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United in a collective endeavour

Share your ideas

We’ve heard how important it is for the Australian Public Service to work as one, in the interests of all Australians.

In 2030 how do we make it happen? Below are the themes which have emerged from your input. Keep reading for why this matters.

What are your responses to the questions in the discussions above?

When you add your ideas, be as specific as you can about the changes you think are needed. Who should do what, when and how?

And think about what has stopped change in the past? Have you seen examples of where things are done well?

Why this matters?

The Australian Public Service is a big and complex organisation.

Its job is to serve the Government, the Parliament and the nation.

The Australian Public Service advises the Government, working with them to develop the rules and guidelines that shape the country; deliver support to the people who need it; and regulate markets. That’s just some of the work it does which impacts the lives of Australians.

But we’ve also heard:

  • there are tensions between serving the government of the day and the Australian community
  • around two-thirds of the service are proud to work for their particular organisation but their affinity with the broader service is less strong
  • the Australian Public Service can take an agency or issue-specific approach to our work, rather than thinking about the bigger picture or taking in different perspectives
  • trust in government and the public service is declining

We all need an Australian Public Service that:

  • pulls in the same direction
  • has a clear focus on the future of the country
  • works across topics, experts and organisations to come up with solutions

We need a confident, independent and impactful public service.