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Employer of choice

"How should the Australian Public Service attract, retain and nurture the people it needs?" ‐ see David Thodey’s speech on our vision for Australia’s Public Service.

Share your ideas

We’ve heard how important it is to have a modern approach to attracting and nurturing talent and truly becoming an employer of choice. We have also heard it’s important to make the APS a place where people want to work not just because they want to ‘make a difference’, but because they will develop skills and experiences that are valuable in their own right.

We’re keen to hear your suggestions on how to do this.

In 2030 how should the Australian Public Service:

Explore these discussion threads. What do you think?

Be specific about the changes you think are needed. Who should do what, when and how?

Think about what factors have stopped change in the past, or point us to examples of a job well done.

Why is this important?

The Australian Public Service has many varied roles and responsibilities and therefore it must continue to be a home for employees with diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds.

One workshop attendee described their public service career as ‘started by chance and stayed by choice’. It’s an insight into how fulfilling they find their work and a vote of confidence in what the Australian Public Service has to offer.

Even with good will and commitment of employees, it is still necessary to invest resources in their ongoing development. If you don’t invest in something you don’t get a return — simple.

We’re interested in how the Australian Public Service recruits, develops, trains and manages people including employment conditions. How can the Australian Public Service best attract, nurture and keep the people it needs? How should the public service reflect the diversity of the nation it serves? How can the Australian Public Service enable its people to be at their best in 2030?