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World-class policy, regulation and delivery performance

"It’s more than a metric. It’s an attitude, a disposition and an outward focus on the people we serve." ‐ David Thodey

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This is about what the Australian Public Service does and how well it does it. For the public service to perform to a high standard, we’ve heard it should draw on research and evidence, evaluate the impact of its work and always look for ways to improve.

How do we make this happen? In the discussions below you’ll find some of the ideas which have emerged from your input.

In 2030, how should the Australian Public Service design and implement:

Is ‘world-class’ the right objective for the Australian Public Service? We want to hear your thoughts on this.

Explore these discussion threads. What do you think?

Be specific about the changes you think are needed. Who should do what, when and how?

Think about what factors have stopped change in the past or point us to examples of a job well done.

Why is this important?

The public service performs a range of roles, including designing, implementing and delivering:

  • policy and advice to government
  • regulation of things like the financial system, tax collection or how consumers are protected
  • services for individuals such as social service payments, businesses such as licencing and payroll and major projects such as infrastructure and defence

We know parts of the public service are delivering excellent outcomes. But we’ve also heard it’s not consistent and there are areas to improve.

The other parts to our vision for the future of the service will certainly go a long way to achieving this.

"In part [world-class] stems from the rest of our vision. You don’t get great performance without empowered and courageous leaders, a high calibre workforce and modern work practices that allow you to get the job done or what you need to do." ‐ David Thodey

But what else do we need to do?

How can the public service be great at everything it does?