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Adam Webber


Suggestion 1: Free speech.

We're the government. We have a duty to protect the fundamental freedoms upon which Western civilisation is built. The freedoms for which so many Australians gave their lives. One of the foundations of Fascism was that only approved ideas and words could be uttered. Aussies died to stop that nonsense. Yet here in Australia, now, people are embracing that same Fascism by further and further restricting what can be said. Any unapproved words and ideas are deemed "inappropriate" by the self-proclaimed moral guardians of the universe. For example, the politically correct social justice warriors want everyone to agree that there are an infinite number of genders, so if I state the scientific fact that apart from some extremely rare mutations, humans only come in two genders, I'll be (and have been) labelled a bigot. Why is it ok for someone to harass me by labelling me a bigot for stating a fact, but not ok for me to state a fact? We need the guaranteed right to speak the truth, or to speak our opinions, with absolutely no negative consequences.