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Adam Webber


Suggestion 2: Equal pay for equal work.

Terms Of Reference addressed: increase productivity, deliver better services, retain the key competencies and capabilities to discharge its responsibilities.

The current Work Level Standards are insufficient and can not be effectively implemented to ensure equal pay for equal work. For example, DVA has Executive Assistants who do the exact same work but are paid a range of different levels, from APS1 to APS6. They're doing the exact same work! As for me, I'm APS4 and doing the exact same system administration work as APS6s and EL1s. Why? Because the types of work are not set in concrete in the Work Level Standards. What this means, ultimately, that while other people doing the same work as me can afford to go on holidays now and then and enjoy life, I am doing the same work but am not able to go on holidays and enjoy life. I know this will be difficult to understand for you highly paid people, but when one's income is only just above the cost of living, it means we can't spend money on things like trips to France or a shiny new Lexus (those nice things other people doing the same work can afford).