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This is a great opportunity to provide feedback (thank you)! I would say that my day in the APS have been interesting. One thing that help me a lot which is not working efficiently is rotation and secondment within the APS. It has taken me nearly 10 years to find a suitable secondment in my field.

The opportunity came about as follows:

Support from my Director and SES ( this is a must!)

Applied externally and thus working as a contractor (taken LWOP)

The experience is valuable and I would recommend it to all APS employees

Barriers I have experienced:

Limited options to move around, unless you leave your organisation for another one

Process of secondment was too cumbersome (make it simple and easy)..


Invest in L&D and make it accessible to all not a limited few.

Overhaul the performance management system, it is outdated and thus not truly reflect staff real input.