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Key objectives for the agencies and staff and the mandate they require to enable policy.

determine whether and where there is an opportunity to better collaborate cross agency in getting policy into practice

understand what each agency needs, in order to fulfil their function more effectively

improve the overall relationship across agencies

Policy implementation experience in agencies is highly variable with areas relaying positive outcomes enabled by good working relationships. The following problem statements define to focus on how to move the effectiveness of policy delivery forward.

Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management

Engagement to coordinate planning between departments of common interests and impact appear to be undertaken independently. This appears to be impeding the cross department prioritisation of policy delivery, resource planning and ‘what if’ feasibility analysis of emergent or innovative policy thinking.

Proposed areas of focus:

Review medium to long term policy planning

Develop policy delivery portfolio management

Policy Design & Delivery

Policy implementation is performing with mixed success. Challenges are being encountered in both small and large scale change. These challenges appear to be impeding the time, cost and quality of policy formulation and service delivery.

Proposed areas of focus:

Develop Policy co-design delivery model

Refresh Policy change governance

Financial Management & Value Measurement

Policy investment funding and the measurement of policy delivery outcomes appear to be operating at various levels of maturity across policy areas. This appears to be impairing the accountability and value tracking of policy investment spend.

Proposed areas of focus:

Review funding models

Refresh delivery outcome reporting

Relationship Model

Lack of clarity and consistency in the roles and responsibilities between departments is impeding partnering effectiveness. This appears to complicate accountability, collaboration and and sensitivities surrounding information exchanged between departments.

Proposed areas of focus:

Refresh terms of business (MOU)

Refresh partner relationship model