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Connie Eaton


Privatisation of the Australian Public Service is wrong. I am a firm believer of this, and my belief has only been proven in that, I myself am now losing my position to make way for contractors to fit in my office. Its called the 'public' service for a reason, and allowing a separate company, no matter how many documents its casual staff sign to protect privacy, access to Australian citizen information is never going to be okay. The first wave of contractors that were placed in my office had quite a huge exodus not even half way through their initial training, and their spots have not been replaced. Why would the Gov't spend so much money for a service the labour hire companies can not even provide? The contractors can clearly see the work they are doing is above the level they are paid at, and the regular staff can see the quality of their work suffers because of it. I strongly urge this review to focus on the people in the public service - they are the true backbone and nothing would get done without them.