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Donald Cameron Richards



As a law abiding citizen who declares his income fully and has payed tax as and when demanded throughout my working life, I do not expect to be ignored ,harassed and flagrantly lied to by any government entity . The ATO obviously needs to be empowered to carry out its function , but in this case the powers seem to be interpreted as immunity from any accountability what ever. I have filed official complaints with the ATO and after receiving no response with the Inspector General over approx 2 years ago without receiving a response . I am enraged to read in the media a spokesperson claim they receive relatively few official complaints obviously this is achieved by not answering legitimate complaints ,and thus the official statement is obviously another illustration of the incompetence and prevailing routine mendacity in the organisation . Here filing my tax takes days gathering the documents and costs me around $7000 in accounting fees , In contrast i spent 3 yrs of my working life in Singapore where filing my tax took approximately 30 minutes at no cost , the necessary forms being filled out by a courteous and efficient public servant . I must add in fairness I have experienced efficient and courteous service from Fair Trading and particularly the CSIRO .