1. A new agency that supplies a standardised communication and data framework to the entire APS.

The framework would provide a base layer of common communication and data management solutions throughout the APS, while still allowing individual agencies to use any specialised tools on top of this layer.

  1. A single source/view of data that is maintained by this new agency.

A single “ocean” of data maintained by the new agency. Permissions for data access could be tailored at all levels from the department level all the way down to the individual level.


  1. A standardised, single view of data would remove the need to maintain consistency of information between services.
  2. The amount of data readily available would be of enormous value to data analytics, and machine learning tools that could foil crime and terror.

Why a new agency? – A new agency could be established without hindering current productivity levels. It would also allow for the development of the framework in parallel with existing infrastructure, seamlessly transitioning services only when ready.