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Mark McInerney


I have been with the APS for about 10 years. during that time I have worked in 3 different Agencies. what strikes me is how each agency has its own EA and Pay scales. Whilst recognizing that each Agency has unique needs that mean the specifics of an EA may need to be tailored, it is the inconsistency in Pay levels that leaves me shaking my head. Surely if the ILS is to apply then level for level pay should apply. This is a glaring inconsistency. Surely Agency specific arrangements can be dealt with through allowances and entitlements specific to that organization. An exemplar EA would also see standard conditions being set. An Agency could then negotiate 'extra' conditions to meet specific needs.. An approach might be to centralize negotiations between APSC and relevant Unions for the purposes of developing the 'exemplar' or baseline EA. In addition a long term goal might be to standardize Salaries at level across agencies . This might be aspirational , but at the moment it just looks inefficient and inequitable