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Michael Hugh O'Brian


Smaller and less are the key words for better APS quality. Please bring back the Stop Red Tape days, twice a year. Take out the dead wood, repeal excess regulations and laws. In effect, Government should get out of the way of the people and their businesses. For example, more regulation has made a complete mess of the energy sector, with subsidies for one 'cherry-picked' part of energy supply TOTALLY distorting the whole - I nearly said 'market' - but it cannot be a market when one group gets $3.3 billion a year. That is not a level playing field, so stop pretending it is, and the NEG will NOT fix anything. 'Alphabet soup' is also a disaster, actually a measure of how badly the APS has strayed off the right path - the more acronyms like AEMO and many others, the worse the situation is. Close them down, save the taxpayers money, let the people and the businesses get on with the job, and we will all be better off. It is not as if the existing government departments are doing such a good job - the royal commission into banking has shown up the so-called regulator as ineffective. In summary, when it comes to the APS, "LESS IS MORE".