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Patrick Leonce Kealy


I just simply want to say that the horse has bolted after the gate has been locked with Public Servants (Public Serpents).

How can it be that a servant can earn salaries in the $million range when their masters (the people being the Government) do not earn anywhere near that amount.

In my lifetime, I have seen Public Servants paid more and more as time went on. It has become absolutely out of hand.

The other problem Australia has, is that there are far too many Public Servants interfering in our lives.

Get rid of the 3rd Tier of Government, the Councils for starters. On 3rd September 1988, we the people (the Government) said NO to politicising Councils. That was in a referendum on that date and our voice was not carried. That makes Councils Illegal.

However, anything I say to curb big Government will not be listened to I am afraid, but you have asked and I have submitted.