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Peter Bisset


I have just applied for ATO Tax forms for 2018 on the phone.
The selection process and the automated system is complicated and requires more information than necessary to have tax forms posted.
I then tried to order online however this process is even harder and requires registration when the tax file number should be sufficient detail to enable posting of the forms.
I am also faced with the requirement to record my voice to enable identification - again bureaucracy gone mad.
Previously it was possible to obtain the forms at the state office of the ATO and at other outlets.
I can understand the need to minimise the number of forms printed that are not used however this goal should be balanced against public convenience.
In addition, when forms are downloaded and printed on one's personal devices the format of the form varies which contributes to excess processing costs at the ATO processing centre, due to the variation on size etc.

The proclivity to automation and registration is creating an adverse view (big brother) in a world where personal service in Government has been thrown out the window.

I believe it is time for the Government to rethink the depersonalisation of interaction with the community for the sake of "efficiency" and consider the benefits of a "one stop" service centre operated by people who are able to communicate in simple terms in city and regional centres.

Having worked in both government and private enterprise a focus on customer satisfaction should be an aim not a burden!