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Robert Connor


The billions wasted on the CPS system in regards to legal why is it someone with wealth by paying own legal saves government so much funding with expedited proceedings and most time children returned to family saving more funding

Why from my experience and so many others (poor vulnerable) experiences CPSfabricating case notes affidavits etc basically honesty is non existent putting support in designed to fail and once tortured ppl say oh they have poor mental health there’s absolutely no accountability for department or carers however parents are more scrutinised then anything I could put into words

What is the relevance of something 20+ years ago or the number of infringements a person has received

It’s known OOHC is a bad experience for kids most of the time but the government ignores this and seems to encourage dishonesty

From my experience personally CPS have stated courts only recommended and they will do whatever they want

Court clinician should decide upon removals to ensure validity independence transparency and above all the Aussie value FAIR as these young ppl under 30 with a degree and 0 life experience but more importantly parental experience can play some silly mind game with ppls lives and are above a judge hell above the senate

this is such an absolutely atrocious dysfunctional inept system that if it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious no oversight no one able to intervene when these young ppl pursue personal vendettas

As for human Rights CPS are great at dehumanising ppl and impinging on these alleged rights obviously without repercussions other then promotions obviously

As responsible ppl the government must be aware of this broken system as the real loser in all this is the future, the kids, the tax payer this effects every single person in this country in one way or another and the government not public service ppl THE GOVERNMENT are the ones responsible by allowing the abuse neglect torture deception to flourish within CPS