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Saradhi Motamarri

  1. Economies and industries all over the world are becoming more and more service oriented, service adaptation to individual customers is again becoming possible due to the advances in technology.
  2. Australia has one of the best and extensive public service system with defined processes and procedures.
  3. There are extensive opportunities to make these services much more agile, flexible, transparent and data driven.
  4. The generic impression when one places a critical look at the integration of systems, user friendliness, responsiveness and accessibility, wide gaps in design are apparent (for example, recent census data collection, clarity of Centre Link, ATO, Medicare, roles of Medicare and Private Insurance etc.).
  5. There is a need to cultivate innovation, incubate entrepreneurship and advance Australia economy towards to fairer development of all sections of the population.
  6. One can outsource a work but not responsibility, the greater levels of outsourcing undermine valuable ‘soft assets’ which are difficult to be created in the first place, as said by Nelson.
  7. Simple, yet, systems that comprehend the ambiguities and idiosyncrasies of the public in a unique holistic fashion is highly warranted.
  8. Will be glad to help and apply my knowledge, skills and education for the benefit of the Australian Government and for the benefit and welfare of the society.
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