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Shane rees


I have served in Defence as a Soldier, an Air Force Officer and an APS. I have also worked with Public Service in the Department of Human Services as a contractor. One of the significant differences between a uniformed military member and an Australian Public Servant is the training.

Whilst both provide the necessary technical training to do your work, the military includes leadership training commensurate to rank. Whilst leadership training seeks to make better leaders and achieving better results from motivated teams, it also provides an understanding of followership. Everyone within the continuum of the rank (military or APS) structure would benefit from leadership training to help with leading people including understanding and supporting the leaders when we are following.

I commend a system of leadership training be made available to the APS.
I would also suggest that such training be mandatory for certain APS levels (say, APS 6 through EL1 & EL2)
Such training could be completed at a level below in anticipation of seeking a higher position or be compulsory upon achieving that level.