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Suzanne Curtis


I have been in the organisation (Centrelink) for a long period of time and have never experienced the chaos the department is current in.
Systems released do not work properly, which results in constant re work and unnecessary and repeat contacts from customers.

The organisation is too top heavy with EL1's and 2's and executives. The organisation would work a lot more efficiently if there were less upper level staff and these funds reallocated to more on the ground staff to assist those vulnerable people that require assistance.

The hiring of casual staff some 8-9 years ago was the beginning of disaster for the department with staff not trained (or only trained to take limited enquires). Fully trained full time staff can take any enquires from beginning to end without the need for constant follow-up by customers to ensure their issues are resolved. Undertaking this approach has now seen the wait times as horrendous, which is frustrating for both staff and customers. By the time customers are able to make contact they are extremely frustrated at which time the cold face staff locally and in call centres take the brunt of this frustration.

Staff moral is as low as I have experienced in the organisation, and staff are feeling very pressured as a result of the chaos we are experiencing .
Staff want to provide good service to the Australian Public in a timely manner, currently they are not being deliver this under the current circumstances we are in.
Put more people on the front line so we can feel proud of the department and our contributions we make.