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Vicki Newman


My experience with Centrelink has been very bad. This department does not anwer phone calls. I applied to get some super out for medical treatment and really found the department incompetent shocking with communication. You are under stress and they created so much more stess in my life. Why are the most vunerable people having to deal with this sort of department. The culture comes across as they don't care.
I find these days anything to do with any government department is a real headache. Whether it state of federal you get the run around. I would love to turn the clock back 15 years when people mattered. The government these days are very ruthless and I don't think are there for the people. It appears money first (sack staff or outsource to some other organisation to make it cheaper??) I am really glad I am coming up for retirement as this country is just not what it use to be. The Lucky country is gone replaced by people you don't even recognize as caring Australians. You can tell by the way the policicans talk in the media they want people to feel bad about using centrelink and then they say lets outsource it sothis will be a good way to stop payments to the unemployed. Everything about government departments is un Australian. There is many genuine people who can't work or get work as there is not enough jobs but they will be threatened to lose their benefit. I feel sick any time I have to call Centrelink because i know I will be on the phone for hours and hours and probably still not get answered. Why isn't there a call back system in place to call people back. Why can't we email questions in and get them answered??